Where joyful menopause began

Hi! I’m Emma and I’m a qualified fitness trainer and founder of the joyful menopause course. I started experiencing peri menopausal symptoms five years ago at the age of 41 years.

When I saw a GP I was brushed off with very little advice and no exploration of treatment or options. I felt lost and alone as none of my friends were experiencing symptoms and almost desperate for a solution. I was also worried about my bone and heart health and felt stuck with no support.

I have always been passionate about wellbeing and retrained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2015. After qualifying I set up Cambridge Urban Fitness where I specialise in women’s fitness, predominantly women in the peri to post menopause stage of life.

Since then, I have interacted with some amazing people; experts, trainers, doctors and nutritionists. I’ve made some changes to my lifestyle, got some treatment and feel myself again. My mission is to share this knowledge with other women and support them in the way that I would have loved.

My vision is for the Joyful Menopause to bring women together and provide them with information on how to take control of their health, whilst also creating a community and support structure for this major phase in a women’s life. There is so much available for women through pregnancy but not very much for the menopause!

Emma, Founder of joyful menopause

The Joyful Menopause course takes a holistic look at this challenging time in a woman’s life. Having completed the course, I feel much less anxious about the peri menopause. I know what my options are, where to go for help and how best to prepare my body to journey through this phase. Thanks Emma.

Rachel, Cambridge