joyful menopause

Live an active, happy life through and beyond the menopause

It is possible to live an active and happy life through and beyond the peri to post menopause and achieve great things.

  • Are you a woman aged 40 years plus (or maybe even younger) who is finding it more difficult to find joy in day to day life?

  • Are you feeling really tired most days, maybe even exhausted?

  • Is a good night’s sleep feeling like a thing of the past?

  • Are your joints aching more? Perhaps you are finding it hard to think clearly? Feeling hot often?

  • Are you left wondering if this is how it’s going to be from now on?

Menopause Training

Menopause Support for Individuals

Helping you to navigate the chaos that menopause can bring and start to feel yourself again.

On this course you will learn how to deal with this phase of your life, take charge of your health and wellness so that you thrive and don’t just survive.

Menopause Course - Thrive, don't just survive

Thrive, don’t just survive

Menopause Training for businesses

Menopause Training for the Workplace

Creating awareness and educating everyone about the menopause and how to support women at this phase of life.

Giving employees the confidence to ask for help and support if they need it and providing your business with the tools to support and retain valuable female employees.

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With our Joyful Menopause programme you will learn how to deal with this phase of life.

Join our community and receive monthly tips on managing health and well-being throughout the peri menopause and beyond.

The Joyful Menopause course has been a really positive experience for me. Emma is passionate about women’s health and her enthusiasm shines through in all of the course components, from spotting menopause symptoms through to exercise and fitness, diet and nutrition and more. She is very approachable and actively encourages group interaction and individual participation. This sharing of experience with others was one of the course highlights for me. My life is better for having done the course and I would highly recommend it – thank you Emma!

Marianne, Cambridge